James Anderson says trying too hard to look aggressive cost Australia

Anderson also shared his views on Nathan Lyon's comment last year before Ashes.

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England pacer James Anderson reasoned the over aggressive nature of Australian cricketers which cost them in past. He said they "tried too hard to be aggressive" in recent times. Nathan Lyon's words before the Ashes 2017-18 suggested they would go really hard against the English cricketers. Lyon had said that he hopes his side could "end the careers" of some England players.

"They thought that this is how Australians play. They have tried too hard to be that stereotypical Australian team that is aggressive and go hard at people," said Anderson.

Talking about Lyon's words, Anderson told The Cricket Social that the Aussie spinner's comment was 'out of character' for many Australian cricketers as they are not like that. 

The newly appointed Aussie skipper Tim Paine has already raised his voice to play hard but fair. Anderson seems to like his approach.

"Tim Paine is a genuinely nice guy, Mitchell Starc is not naturally aggressive despite being a fast bowler and even Steve Smith is a really good bloke - there is no real malice with anything he does - so it was really out of character," said Anderson.

He added: "The thing about wanting to be good blokes is that you can only be a good bloke if you really are a good one."

There was a lot of drama before the start of last Ashes. The incident of Jonny Bairstow headbutting Cameron Bancroft was all over the news before the series. 

"I'm not sure Bancroft wanted that to come out in the papers but, because it is the Ashes, they thought it was win at all costs," said Anderson.

Talking about himself, Anderson said he hasn't made anyone friends on the field with his style of play. He added most of the times you play the way captain and coach want the team to play.

"When Brendon McCullum was New Zealand captain, he made it all about being entertaining and showing off your skills," he said. "Both Eoin Morgan in ODIs and Alastair Cook in Tests took from his way and tried to incorporate it into their captaincy."


By Sihyeu Singh - 14 Oct, 2018

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