Gautam Gambhir doesn't support Virat Kohli's request to allow wives on full tours

Virat had requested BCCI to bring a change in their rule for WAGs on overseas tours.

Anushka Sharma cheering for Virat Kohli in Melbourne back in 2014 | GETTY

Virat Kohli's request to allow WAGs on the full overseas tour was criticized by the cricket experts as well as the fans. Currently, BCCI doesn't allow wives for full duration on a tour. Virat believes there is no harm in allowing wives to accompany players during the tours as they stay away from their family for long.

BCCI hasn't announced their decision yet. The Committee of Administrators (COA) will discuss the request.

Recently, Gautam Gambhir talked about the issue and said what Virat wants doesn't work for all. He said there are players who may get distracted by the family and may fail to concentrate on the game.

"The player opinion varies. Only an individual can say because the individual has to play a Test match. Some want the family to be there for the whole tour while others want little family time and they try to concentrate (on cricket)," Gambhir told India Today.

The southpaw added that he is sure whatever decision BCCI takes, it will be for the betterment of the Indian cricket. "Whatever the decision, it should be taken in the best interest of Indian cricket," Gambhir added.


By Sihyeu Singh - 11 Oct, 2018

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