ONGC asks Virat Kohli and other sportspersons to push the brand

Kohli is among the 179 ONGC elite sportspersons who have been asked to prominently display the company logo.

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Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has asked Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli and its other sporting employees to promote the brand. As many as 179 Indian sportspersons are employed by ONGC. This was done after it came to notice that ONGC athletes rarely sported the company’s logo and instead preferred private sponsors’ events.

As per an important clause in their sports policy, ONGC has told all its elite sportspersons to prominently display the company’s logo on their clothing and talk about them during public appearances. It is learnt that the ONGC authorities recently held a meeting with their athletes and stressed on the company’s brand promotion by reminding them of their contractual obligation.

"Virat Kohli is our employee, so is Ishant Sharma. We have many sportspersons who won medals at the Asian Games but our brand doesn’t get promoted. If they are playing for the country, then the country has to be first, but ONGC is doing so much for them. So, whenever they get a chance, like when they give TV bites or give interviews they should talk about ONGC. We held a few meetings with the players in this regard and sensitised them about this issue," ONGC Group GM (HR) Manoj Bhartwal told The Sunday Express.

He also went on to say that when players are representing India or their respective states, ONGC has no issues if they don’t talk about the company.

“Whenever there is an event which is not mandatory, players can talk about ONGC. After all we have been promoting sports a lot, we have given over 150 scholarships till date. Even Virat, when he was very young, came under our scholarship scheme and then they became a regular,” Bhartwal remarked.

“If any player is travelling, especially the branded players, like we have kabaddi players who travel, then they should wear ONGC T-shirt. This spreads the company’s goodwill. The idea is that along with the country, the company’s name too should be promoted,” he concluded.

(With inputs from The Indian Express)


By Salman Anjum - 24 Sep, 2018

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