Younis Khan advises Indian cricketers to seek guidance from former players

India's batting was found out against the swing and seam in England recently.

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Having seen India's batsmen struggle in England and eventually lose the series 4-1, former Pakistan great Younis Khan has advised Virat Kohli & co to seek guidance on areas of improvement from legends of the past. 

It's a unique situation in Indian Cricket, where the bowling inspired more confidence than batting on an overseas tour and inability to chase down even targets of 194 at Edgbaston and then 245 at Southampton was alarming in many ways. 

Batting was difficult for sure, but the technical inadequacy was exposed as well. 

Speaking at an India Today event, Younis felt that players these days don't quite bridge the gap between them and the past generation of greats like in years gone by and advised Indian Cricketers to take the first step for their own betterment. 

He said, "Indian batsmen should ask their legends for help...You should go on your own and ask. I had gone to Rahul Dravid myself and asked for five minutes." and added, "It was in Birmingham and he came to my room and said 'Ask me what you want to.' I asked him a few questions and after 2004-05, my career changed. Even if the legends don't comment on their own, Indan players should approach them on their own,"

Younis was talking with once Indian Captain Mohammed Azharuddin alongside him and also revealed some of the instances when the former sought help from the latter and earned great rewards. 

He said, "My first tour against India was in Sharjah and I have been following Azharuddin since then. We couldn't play much after that but I have learnt a lot from him and even during my captaincy, I tried to learn from him." and then added, "Two years ago, when I was struggling, Azhar bhai gave me a piece advice and that helped me score 200 against England in my last Test. Back then I got a lot of criticism by the end of my career but Azhar bhai called me and told me that batsmen also use the crease and he asked me to try it in the nets. He did not force me into it but asked me to try and I did and that helped me,"


By Kashish Chadha - 18 Sep, 2018

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