Salaam Cricket 2018: Wasim Akram recalls funny incidents from his playing days

Wasim Akram recently attended Salaam Cricket 2018 event in Dubai which was dedicated to Asia Cup.

Muttiah Muralitharan and Wasim Akram | Getty Images

Wasim Akram, one of the greatest bowlers of all time, has recalled a funny anecdote from his playing days during the sixth edition of Salaam Cricket 2018 in Dubai on Monday (September 17).

Pakistan legend revealed a funny incident that took place during a Sri Lanka tour when he cracked a deal with Spin legend Muttiah Muralitharan during a match in Colombo.

Akram further went on to reveal that he had asked Murali that he would bowl him in the only condition if he would play a shot on every ball instead of hitting him.

As per reports in India Today, Akram said, “I had a chat with Muralitharan; I think it was on the P Sara Oval in Colombo. Murali came out to bat and I was bowling and it was reverse swinging. So I said Murali look I won't hit you because he used to give himself room towards the leg side.”

He further added on the same, “So I said Murali I'm not going to follow you with inswing from around the wicket. Murali said okay what's the deal. I said you have to play a shot on every ball.”

Meanwhile, Wasim, who is now a cricket commentator and television personality, also shared another funny incident that happened in a South African One Day International match in 1998.

He signed off by saying, “Dubran ODI against South Africa in 1998. I think we were 80 for 6 chasing over 300. So I walked in with Moin Khan on strike. I asked Moin what's happening to which he said he has no clue but a welcome bouncer will come for sure. But I got a yorker to begin with and got out. The whole way from the pitch to the dressing room I cursed Moin.”




By Rashmi Nanda - 18 Sep, 2018

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