Sabbir Rahman opens up on his anger management issues

Rahman is not a part of the Bangladesh squad for Asia Cup 2018.

Sabbir Rahman. (Getty)

Having been subjected to a six-month ban from international cricket, following his social network fiasco where he was alleged to have abused and threatened a fan on Facebook, Rahman was also axed from the Bangladesh squad for the Asia Cup. 

In an exclusive interview with Cricbuzz, the right-handed batsman has opened up on various aspects of his persona and also how will he utilize the time off the field. 

When questioned on how he is  using  the time off the field, Rahman said " I am leading a normal life like the way I used to lead earlier. I am regularly doing my practice and working on different areas. I am doing my gym regularly while at present emphasizing on my running session a bit more as that is a key area that can develop my endurance. As I am told that I can't use anything owned by the BCB, that's why I can't practice in Mirpur. I am doing my batting and bowling at a field in Mohammadpur while going to a gym in the same area. I go to the Residential School [in Mohammadpur] for running sessions and playing football. I have kept practicing the way I practice usually."

Next, he spoke about the goals which he has set for himself in the meanwhile. "The National [Cricket] League, our first-class tournament, will probably start on the 4th of next month [October] and at present I am preparing for it. You can't predict how many runs you'll score. That depends on luck. I will get the results according to the amount of hard work I have been doing. I can't guarantee anything, but I will try to prepare well mentally and bat and bowl well. I will try to score runs. I have failed to achieve my goals at times in the past. But, this time, I want to prove myself in the league."

He next spoke regarding his anger management issues in detail where he said " Getting angry isn't really the matter here. Everyone has anger. Probably I speak my mind instead of keeping it to myself. Many people don't like it. People may think it's my ego or I am too proud. But I am not that type of a person like the way I am projected that suggests that I am an arrogant guy. Anger is definitely not a good trait. But sometimes I can't help getting angry. I am trying to improve myself and working on anger management [if that is what you want to know] so that I can talk politely even if someone verbally abuses me. I'm learning certain things."

He also blamed his mental being for getting into repeated heated arguments. " I have never harmed anyone. I have left everything in the hands of God. But honestly speaking, I do regret for failing to do certain things that landed me into all these troubles and I am focusing not to repeat those mistakes in the coming days."

He finally concluded his interaction saying that he is doing his best to stand upto the expectations of his teammates and the fans of Bangladesh cricket. "Everyone plays for the team. In the last two series, I have faced the last few balls. And you can't expect a player to score 40-50 runs in the last 20 balls or so. There were many innings when I am the one to blame for my dismissal as I gave away my wicket very easily. I am analyzing those things, where I went wrong and trying to work on those areas. I will try to score more runs for the team and for myself once I get the opportunity and I am confident that I will be able to make it."

(Inputs from Cricbuzz)


By Anshuman Roy - 12 Sep, 2018

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