Ricky Ponting's injury puts his participation in the coaching setup for Australia under doubt

Head coach Justin Langer wishes to have Ponting involved during his term.

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Former Captain Ricky Ponting suffered a serious Achilles injury while shooting a commercial and it has brought in doubt his participation for the role in Australia's coaching setup under Justin Langer's supervision. 

Ponting, who scored 13,378 runs at 51.85 across 168 Tests for Australia, has been involved with the T20I side occasionally and has been approached for a long-term role in the current setup, especially as the system looks to move forward from the ball-tampering incident that took place earlier this year in South Africa. 

Having been part of the coaching team during the winless limited overs tour of England in June, Ponting went through surgery to repair the tear last week and his mobility will be restricted for three to six months. It basically means he won't be able to travel with the T20I side for the three-game series against Pakistan in UAE. 

Head coach Justin Langer has already expressed wish to have more support in the coaching staff for Australia and bringing in Ponting, one of the greatest of the game, is a part of that. 

"It's the first time in my adult life I've woken up in the middle of the night," Langer was quoted telling The Australian recently, "I did it a few times in England. I've done it a few times since I've been home. It's bizarre but hopefully, as I start getting my feet under the table and I start knowing who I trust around my new team of people at Cricket Australia, hopefully, I start sleeping better.", he added, "Certainly I'm gaining greater clarity in the foundations of what we are trying to achieve in the team for the next few years. I'm getting clarity about leadership. My huge focus is organic leadership and it can't just be about the title C or VC, it's got to be about developing these young blokes."

Langer had further stated, "If I leave this role and there's probably six or seven guys who you could make captain tomorrow then I reckon I've done a pretty good job because if we do that … then not only will we be playing good cricket and I reckon the Australian public will be proud of us again, we'll have earned respect and there will be plenty of heroes out there for Australian kids, and that's the way it's always been in Australian cricket."

Australian Cricket is currently going through a transition in most aspects and the system needs people like Ponting, who even if came across as nasty as a player, is an individual with a strong moral base and values. 

(Inputs from ESPNcricinfo)


By Kashish Chadha - 07 Sep, 2018

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