Greg Chappell decodes why modern batsmen are failing to play swing bowling

Lack of footwork is another of Chappell's reasons for the failure of batsmen to play swing bowling.

Greg Chappell. (Getty)
One of the most stylish batsmen of his generation Greg Chappell has come out with an answer as to why most of the modern batsmen are failing to play swing bowling. 

Chappell said contemporary helmet designs are far heavier than previous models which is throwing batsmen off-balance and affecting their ability to move.

“I think helmets have had a much bigger impact on batting than we realise,” Chappell told Indian network Cricketnext. “The weight of those helmets makes a big difference to your centre of gravity and balance.”

Chappell said the weight of the helmets is forcing batsmen to stand more upright, which reduces their balance at the crease and, in turn, their footwork.

Speaking of cricket in his era of the ‘70s and early ‘80s, Chappell told the publication: “Because the bats demanded that you hit the ball in the middle, players learnt to get closer to the ball, well forward and well back. They are things that have changed.”

Chappell reasoned lack of proper footwork as another reason why the batsmen are failing to play good quality swing bowling. "The movement would demand batsmen to step closer to the ball, whereas now they “get away with not being as precise”, he added.

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By Anshuman Roy - 05 Sep, 2018

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