Love for the game keeps George Bailey going

Bailey has started practising for the start of another Sheffield Shield season for Tasmania.

George Bailey is into his 18th season of professional cricket. (Getty)

Having possibly seen his best days playing at the highest level for Australia, former Captain George Bailey is keeping the talks of retirement from the game away from his brain, instead, the right-hand batsman is gearing up for the start of his 18th season playing professional cricket. 

Bailey, who is 36 and has won an Ashes as well as a World Cup medal, plays for Tasmania in the Sheffield Shield back home and with a young generation of players coming through, he feels inspired watching them to just keep striving. 

When he was recently asked about his career and where it is headed, Bailey told, "It's hard to say". 

"I've loved having the pre-season with the Tigers boys. It's hard not to get inspired and motivated when you see how hard young guys go and the guys coming through the ranks who are stepping up to be more senior players and leaders within our group." he added, "They drag you along with them."

Bailey also cleared that if Tasmania happens to win their fourth Sheffield Shield title this year, with a lot of young players around, it won't have any bearing on his future. 

"I don't think it will be team-related," he said and added, "Winning is more fun than losing, but I think just seeing how hard people are working – we're seeing improvements all the time – that in itself, take the results out of it, is enough to keep me coming back."

Love for the game keeps many people going, George Bailey is one of them. 


By Kashish Chadha - 25 Aug, 2018

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