This veteran hockey player demolishes Virat Kohli’s yo-yo test mark  

Virat Kohli made yo-yo fitness test mandatory for entry into the Indian cricket team.

Sardar Singh beat Virat Kohli's yo yo test score by a big marginVirat Kohli and yo-yo test have become the benchmarks of the fitness standards of the Indian cricket team. Kohli has set high standards for the players who are aspiring to enter the national team and they have clear a certain set mark in the yo-yo test.

However, while Virat Kohli is seen as the epitome of fitness; a certain hockey player has demolished Kohli’s yo-yo test mark by a long margin.

Former Indian hockey captain Sardar Singh found himself out of the national team under ex-coach Sjoerd Marijne due to lack of pace in his game. This made Sardar work on his fitness more and more.

Sardar, who made the team for the upcoming Asian Games 2018, had toiled hard for past four months. He has spent time in the gym, increasing his pace and stamina manifolds.

As a part of his fitness regime, Sardar recorded a yo-yo test score of 21.4 beating his previous best of 21.3. In comparison, the passing mark for the mandatory yo-yo test clearance for entry into the Indian team is 16.1.

Sardar Singh even beat the best yo-yo test score of Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. Kohli’s best yo-yo test score is 19 and Sardar demolished it quite comfortably with 21.4 scores. This shows how much effort Sardar has put into improving his fitness.   


By Jatin Sharma - 15 Aug, 2018

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