Gautam Gambhir calls for raising better citizens in his Independence Day message   

Gautam Gambhir is known for raising his voices in support of armed forces.

Natasha Gambhir, wife of Gautam Gambhir with their daughter | HT Photo

Gautam Gambhir, the India opener has always been a shining example of an upright citizen. He has always raised his voice against the atrocities and in support of the Indian armed forces.

Gambhir will also be seen in a new role of a radio RJ on Fever 104 FM and host his own prime-time show- the Bharat Positive Show, on India’s 72nd Independence Day on August 15, 2018.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Gautam Gambhir explains what patriotism means to him and the values he and his wife Natasha had instilled in their daughters Aazeen and Anaiza.

He says about patriotism, “Sometimes, being patriotic is equated to how much you can abuse Pakistan or how many patriotic songs you are listening to on August 15th or January 26th or how much one can shout on a debate on a news channel. I think merely calling names to any country borders on jingoism. You can feel patriotic by saving power, saving water, paying your taxes, not being part of corruption, respecting other communities and religions, being respectful towards women...this too is being patriotic. Me having a tri-color on my cricket helmet is symbolic but how I raise my children can also encapsulate being patriotic.

Talking about the social evils he wishes to banish, Gambhir said, “First step is intent. I often joke that we are a “talking nation” and not an “acting nation”. For last 70 years, people have been talking from Red Fort, in Parliament House, in Vidhan Sabhas and now on prime time TV and social media. Enough of talking, now lets walk the talk. We make the system, so let’s not blame the system for everything. Secondly, I’d like to see 100 per cent socially literate India. Please note I am seeking “social literacy” and not a superficial, literate India, which claims to read and write but is not allowed to think. If our lot gets socially evolved, we can surely curb population and select our leaders/representatives judiciously. Unfortunately, at the moment, our leaders can control us through religion, caste, community and even beef! It is embarrassing.

Talking about raising his children right, Gambhir gives a simple way to do so, “For starters, me and Natasha make sure we respect those who work for us at home, in my dad’s office and also at Gautam Gambhir Foundation. The respect for fellow human beings is utmost important. We stop at red lights whatever time of the day we are driving, keep our surroundings clean, not waste even a grain of food especially when we are with Aazeen and Anaiza, not waste water. I think if both my daughters never use the word “servant”, “driver”, “guard”, I would say they both love their people and hence will love their country too.

Gambhir gives his way of “being Indian” and said, “To be honest, we just do simple things so that we can inspire the little ones. I hope they are watching their daddy and mommy. There are no over the top celebrations or singing nationalistic songs....ah yes, we always stand whenever national anthem is playing and we are not at all embarrassed doing so.

Personally, I would like to see a biopic on the late president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Swami Vivekananda, Mother Teresa. I don’t know if it makes commercial sense but it will surely inspire a lot of us,” Gambhir said.

Talking about his radio show Bharat Positive, Gambhir said, “Bharat Positive -- as the name suggests -- talks about the good things that are happening in our country. There is too much negativity, too much disgruntlement, we are always on the edge. The show takes a simplistic and positive view on our surroundings. We don’t claim to reinvent the wheel but we will surely try to bring about optimism in the air.

(With inputs from Hindustan Times)


By Jatin Sharma - 14 Aug, 2018

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