Gayle predicts another cricketer who could become Pakistan PM

Imran Khan won the recent national elections in Pakistan.

Imran Khan - Chris Gayle.

Windies batting stalwart Chris Gayle did not miss the moment to congratulate Imran Khan who won the recent national elections in Pakistan. His political party Tehreek-e-Insaf emerged as the single largest party in Pakistan's national assembly after the July 25 general election in the country. 

Gayle also went on further to say that Imran Khan coming to power in Pakistan will help the cricket in the country to evolve.  He also expressed his elation to see a cricketer leading a country politically. Apart from congratulating him, Gayle also gave his views on Shahid Afridi being the Prime Minister of his country.

“It is good to see a cricketer in that category. Imran Khan being Prime Minister gives a lot of hope for cricketers to come. But being Prime Minister in the future is not me, for sure. But it certainly paves the way for Shahid Afridi to be Prime Minister one day,” Gayle said.

Afridi on his part, after bidding adieu to international cricket is continuing to ply his trade in franchise T20 cricket all over the world. 


By Anshuman Roy - 04 Aug, 2018

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