ICC probe Umar Akmal on match-fixing claims

Umar Akmal played last for Pakistan in January 2017.

Umar is out of favor in recent times from the Pakistan team. (The Dawn)

The International Cricket Council has decided to question Pakistan cricketer Umar Akmal on match-fixing claims. Akmal was reportedly approached for match-fixing and ICC has asked him as to why didn't he inform the governing body of the game on this development. 

Akmal, during an interview to SAMAA TV in June, said he had been offered money to fix matches whenever Pakistan has played against India.

"They offered me $0.2 million to leave two balls in the cricket World Cup," he said earlier. "An offer was also made in the 2015 edition of the tournament as well."

The batsman went on to say that he has been made offers to fix matches whenever he steps on to the field against India.

"They come up to me and tell me that they will pay me if I miss or opt out of a game," he said.

"I told them that I am very dedicated to Pakistan and that they should not talk about such things with me," Akmal said.

He claimed that he had repeatedly informed the Pakistan Cricket Board about the offers being made to him.

Akmal has been out of the Pakistan cricket team in recent times after playing his last ODI against Australia last year in January. 

(Inputs from Samma TV)


By Anshuman Roy - 03 Aug, 2018

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