"People thought I would soon fade away because of my looks," says Virat Kohli

Kohli used to sport a 'cool' appearance when he joined Indian cricket.

Virat Kohli | GETTY

Virat Kohli was judged in the initial phase of his career just for his appearance. The cricketer had funky hairstyle and tattoos which Indian cricket wasn't used to much. He was expected to be fade away soon, but the Indian star proved everyone wrong and turned out to be a gift for Indian cricket.

Not only he continued with his cool appearance, Virat also brought change to mentalities that these things have nothing to do with the performance.

In an interview to the GQ India August 2018 issue, Kohli said people thought he is just another flash in the pan. "(When I started out), I was judged a lot. I would get constant feedback about my appearance. The perception was that a person like me would only be a flash in the pan," Kohli said.

"But the truth is if you work hard, the game will give back. The game doesn't look at tattoos, it looks at commitment," added the Indian stalwart.

The 29-year-old thinks the youngsters are free to express themselves without any outer pressure. "If you have tattoos, earrings or styled hair, you're not stopped (at the junior levels) just because you're flamboyant. It's not like, if I style my hair or have tattoos, I won't dive on the field because it'll get spoiled," he said.

Kohli, who had led India to U-19 World Cup win in 2008, said he used to treat a lose like the end of the world earlier.

"For me, winning is like an obsession. I've started to accept losses only now, but earlier, I would just go mad (when I lost)." 

Things have changed now. The extra burden on his shoulder has made him more responsible and sensible.

"I realize now this is not just about me working hard and doing something on the field, but also about seeing the larger picture. That I have this opportunity to do something special for my country," he added.

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By Sihyeu Singh - 01 Aug, 2018

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