MCC dispense the necessity for its members to wear traditional jackets during games

The MCC made a relaxation to the long standing rule due to the prevailing weather conditions in England this summer.

The Marylebone Cricket Club are the owners of Lord's Cricket Ground. (Getty)

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), made a relaxation to its long-standing rule regarding the necessity for its members to wear the traditional jackets recently, when it allowed that the board members have the option to not wear these jackets with the MCC batch, due to the scorching heat that is prevailing around England this summer.

The MCC, the owners of Lord's cricket ground in London and the makers of the laws of the game, have long insisted that a strict dress code be followed by its members during the game. However, the august body had to bend their rules a bit, courtesy of the high temperatures in London that reached an estimated 34 degree Celsius.

The MCC protocol reads, "Gentlemen shall wear lounge suits or tailored jacket and trousers, shirt, tie or cravat and shoes with socks, Women must wear: dresses; or skirts or trousers (which may be cropped below the knee) or culottes, with blouses or smart tops, and formal shoes, boots or sandals."

Now though, the board announced a relaxation through their Twitter feed.

The Tweet read, "Due to the abnormally warm temperatures, MCC has decided to dispense with the requirement for gentlemen to wear jackets in the Pavilion and arrive wearing one. This applies to Members of MCC and Middlesex and their guests."

Immediately, the members took advantage of it when they attended the T20 match between Middlesex and Hampshire at the Lord's without their jackets. Normally, they can be spotted by their red-and-gold striped ties.



By Kashish Chadha - 28 Jul, 2018

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