Kapil Dev congratulates Imran Khan on becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan

Imran Khan, who is arguably the greatest all-rounder to have played the game, is now Pakistan's 19th Prime Minister.

Imran Khan and Kapil Dev (MTI)

From one great all-rounder to the other, former Indian cricketer Kapil Dev has sent a congratulatory message to Pakistan's greatest sportsperson Imran Khan for becoming the Prime Minister of the country having won the elections on Wednesday, July 25. 

In a conversation with ABP, Kapil wished Imran all the good luck and hoped to see relations between India and Pakistan improve across all departments. He said, “It’s a huge achievement. The game of cricket is nothing before the country. He was passionate when he won the world and he is still the same. It took him 25 years to reach here. I hope his success should be utilised for the betterment of his nation.”

“It a great feeling to have represented your nation on the cricket field and then become its supreme leader. So many players have been in different political position, but no one has got to such a big post,” 

Kapil is especially in pray of bilateral cricketing ties resuming between the two neighbours, now with Imran's presence at the most politically important position in his country. 

He said, “Since Imran has been a cricketer, he probably like to improve the conditions. Even the cricketer fraternity agrees to it. But the conditions off the field should be improved first. He has been to India many times and he knows our love for cricket. He might focus on bettering the diplomacy between both the nations. And if it could be done with the help of cricket then we cricketers will be very glad,”

 “Once I asked him [Imran] that he turns aggressive while delivering speeches. To this, he replied that I do not bother putting my life at stake for the issues I’ve raised.”

By Kashish Chadha - 27 Jul, 2018

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