ENG vs IND 2018: The consistency and maturity has come in but he is still the same Dinesh Karthik, says Abhishek Nayar 

Abhishek has played a substantial role in resurrecting Karthik's career.

Abhishek Nayar and Dinesh Karthik

Having played a key role in resurrecting the career of Dinesh Karthik, veteran cricketer Abhishek Nayar is very satisfied with the recent resurgence of the Indian wicketkeeper-batsman as an overall cricketer and is delighted how the Tamil Nadu lad has developed temperamentally stronger than he has ever been. 

When he was struggling with his game, the mentorship and guidance that Abhishek provided, helped Dinesh Karthik not only recover but excel his way back into Team India. Dinesh is most likely to be preferred for the important job behind the stumps by Virat Kohli once the Test series against England starts on August 1 and he has one Mumbai stalwart to thank for this. 

In an interview recently given to SportsKeeda, Abhishek, when asked about the changes he sees in Dinesh now, said, "Well, to be honest, do I see any changes? Not really. I think he’s still the same Dinesh Karthik that hasn’t changed. Yes, if there are some changes, he’s become little more mature, he understands his game a little more, but I feel the work we did together, I spoke a lot about it, but to keep it brief I think it was more about making him understand his potential, making him understand what he can do, he can’t do."

"He’s still the same Dinesh Karthik, nothing has changed. He’s still gonna make mistakes, he’s still gonna do well at times, but I feel the consistency in the past two-three years has been tremendous and a lot of credit goes to him for his own preparation, his own belief in believing what we said could’ve helped him. I think for a cricketer it’s really important to believe in whatever he’s doing and you know for someone who’s trying to help someone, the other person doesn’t believe in you it becomes very difficult to help him."

"So, I feel in terms of what we did, we did a lot of different things where I felt I could’ve tweaked his game a bit, his mental aspect, make him feel better about himself, his own preparation and I think it’s a team effort altogether, so it’s not about what I did, it’s also what Dinesh Karthik has brought to the table as a cricketer."

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By Kashish Chadha - 25 Jul, 2018

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