England Cricket Board's 100-ball tournament likely to feature 12-men per side

The idea which was removed from international cricket may be used again by ECB.

100-ball tournament will be played in 2020 | GETTY

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) proposed 100-ball tournament is the talk of the town since the plan was revealed to the cricketing world. The tournament is expected to be played in 2020 and every now and then, new possible details are revealed.

As per reports of The Telegraph, ECB is thinking about making the tournament 12-players per side with 11 conventional players and 1 substitute. 

The idea of a 'super sub' is not new to the cricket world. The ICC had tried it back in 2005, when the Udaipur-born English batsman Vikram Solanki became the first substitute playing an ODI for England against Australia at Leeds. 

The idea behind naming 12 players is to ensure flexibility in the side. Changes can be made to the playing XI during the match as per the requirement of the pitch.

The proposed format for a new eight-team tournament would see each team face 15 six-ball overs as well as another 10 deliveries to make up a total of 100 balls. It is not clear when in an innings the extra 10 deliveries are going to be bowled and will it be bowled by one or different bowlers. 

Currently, T20 cricket is the shortest format of the game with 120 deliveries bowled to each side. 


By Sihyeu Singh - 24 Jul, 2018

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