I think Punter definitely played the wrong sport, says Adam Gilchrist

Ricky Ponting is the second leading run scorer in Test cricket.

Ricky Ponting and Adam Gilchrist | Source Getty

Adam Gilchrist reveals why former Australian captain Ricky Ponting played the wrong sport. The 46-years old recalls why Ricky Ponting spent his life in the wrong game. Ricky Ponting who is the second Test leading run scorer in the world after Sachin Tendulkar loves to play golf.

Alongside his cricketing records, Ricky Ponting is well known for his remarkable Golf skills. Ponting's ex-teammate, Adam Gilchrist believes all of his life he played the wrong sport.

While speaking on Fox Sports, the 46-year old wicket-keeper added “Ponting can do everything, he was very skilful,”  “I think Punter definitely played the wrong sport. And that’s a big thing to say about our highest ever Test run scorer. He hits a golf ball like there’s no tomorrow.” 

In last summer, Ricky Ponting had outplayed Jordan Spieth, one of the world’s best golfers, while praising Ponting “Boy, he has a really solid game. He can bomb it,”  “He has a nice putting stroke. You can tell he’s a scratch player just by when he sets up and hits one shot.”

“If I had of played golf only when I was a kid, with the hand-eye co-ordination stuff I have got, then yes maybe,” he said in 2017. “But I was playing cricket as a five, six, seven-year old and that was always going to be my sport.

“Now that cricket is done and dusted, I have plenty of time to have fun on the golf course more than anything else.

“I take it seriously because I want to be as good as I can be.

“But when you start watching these guys, the professionals, go about it, they play a different game to 99 per cent of amateur golfers.

“That’s one thing I have learned pretty clearly over the last 10 years.”

(Inputs from Fox Sports)


By Kunal Kataria - 18 Jul, 2018

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