Jos Buttler may change the slogan on his bat for the upcoming cricket World Cup

Buttler's bat read a rough slogan which was caught by the cameraman last month during a Test match.

Jos Buttler | GETTY

Jos Buttler was in news last month too but not for his batting. It was his bat which took social media by surprise when the cameraman zoomed into the top of its handle during England's second Test match against Pakistan. There was a message written on it which read 'F**K IT'. 

The message looked stronger considering his form in IPL and an unbeaten knock in that game to guide his team to victory.

Recently, Buttler said he is ready to replace the message by the famous football slogan ‘It’s coming home’ for the upcoming cricket World Cup.

The 27-year-old also revealed he hasn't received any warning to remove the slogan from international cricket body ICC. "No, I haven’t heard anything. Maybe I’ll have to change it to, ‘It’s coming home!" he said.

Buttler explained the message and said it is just to motivate himself. "No risk no reward, that’s what it means to me, and it’s in a pretty hard place to spot, and it’s been on there a long time. No one’s seen it before, and if it’s an issue it can be changed.”

The explosive batsman is also ready to alter it to the lyrics of England football anthem ‘Three Lions’.

Talking about football, Buttler praised the England football team's courageous gameplay in FIFA World Cup 2018. “That’s so enjoyable to watch, the footballers pushing to be on the front foot. Being a member of an England side it’s great to see that England team going for it,” said Buttler, speaking as a Vitality ambassador.

“When Leicester City won the Premier League they were great too, they just had no fear, they really took it on. That’s the English mentality summed up. And people staying true to that is great to watch. For us, it’s a point of difference if we’re the ultra-aggressive team."

India and England will play the first out of three ODIs at Trent Bridge on Thursday. The venue offers high scoring games and skipper Buttler thinks it's a great place to kick-off the series.

“New Zealand in 2015 when it all started really; we chased down a score there, with Morgan and Root getting hundreds I think,” said Buttler.

“It is a ground where we enjoy playing, and for a stellar series like England-India it’s a great place to start.”


By Sihyeu Singh - 12 Jul, 2018

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