WATCH - Vinod Kambli and wife Andrea reveal their side of story in the Mumbai Mall scuffle case

Vinod Kambli and his wife were involved in an altercation with Ankit Tiwari's father in Mumbai.

Video Grab of Vinod Kambli's wife Andrea in altercation

Vinod Kambli and his wife Andrea Hewitt were recently involved in a fist fight with the father of Bollywood singer Ankit Tiwari in a mall in Mumbai. The videos of the altercation went viral and the issue became a big story instantly.

Kambli and Andrea claimed that RK Tiwari, singer Ankit Tiwari’s father touched Andrea inappropriately while walking past her. On the other hand, the Tiwaris have alleged that Kambli and his wife abused and hit RK Tiwari without any aggravation in the Inorbit Mall, in Mumbai. Tiwari Sr. also said that Andrea took off her sandal to hit him.

In an interview with India Today, Kambli and Andrea put forth their side of the story.

"His intention was wrong. I was engrossed with my kids. I was playing with them and he took the opportunity to touch me and walk on as if nothing happened. However, that did not happen because at the moment I felt it was a bad touch, I turned. I even heard him make a comment which was not so good and that reaction happened,” Andrea said.

"After that, I told him, there was a lot of space for him to walk past. hhe could have said 'excuse me'. He had to choose that path, and touch me and that is intentional. Had he excused himself, everything would have been normal," she said.

Vinod Kambli had taken to Twitter after the incident but also talked to India Today.

"I immediately contacted Mumbai Police on Twitter. They called me immediately and sent me a text asking me to send my contact details. Two constables also turned and took our statements. I am going to show our statements to everyone," Kambli said.

Andrea and Vinod revealed that they were ready to let things go after the initial altercation, but something ugly happened out of the cameras that they wished everyone should know about.

Andrea says, "I told him to go before something else happened. I then took my kids and went to get something to eat. But then two men came back with him and they were very boisterous and aggressive. I realized they did not come to just talk - I told them I would not talk to you if this is your attitude. Wait for my husband to come.

"And when Vinod reached the spot, they said we respect you a lot. I told them to teach their father some respect and then they started touching my husband. I told Vinod to let it be and we wanted to walk away. We did not even want to talk to them," Andrea said.

"Had I not been there, what would have happened? They would have just touched her and gone. She is my wife and someone comes and touches her and then they accuse us of assaulting him? He sends us his two sons to talk to us. Did they not know why my wife hit their father?," Vinod Kambli said.

"An apology letter will definitely close the matter," said Andrea.



By Jatin Sharma - 03 Jul, 2018

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