Dale Steyn overwhelmed as Sachin Tendulkar wishes him on his birthday

Sachin vs Steyn was one of the fiercest rivalry in the former's playing days.

Sachin Tendulkar and Dale Steyn (ZIMBIO)

Dale Steyn's body may be not responding to his sharp mind these days like it used to in his prime but there is absolutely no doubt that he is, by the sheer skill, performances and record in all conditions, one of the greatest fast bowlers to have ever played the game. Steyn has fighting battles with injuries but his strive over the last few years finally paid off when South Africa's best returned to the Test side recently. Steyn wishes to feature in his country's World Cup campaign next year but the ever pleasant man off the field, likes counting his blessings. Well...he certainly got one yesterday. 

Steyn who was celebrating his 35th birthday on Wednesday, 27th June, got amazed and felt overwhelmed when the legendary Sachin Tendulkar took time to congratulate him on the special occasion. 

Sachin vs Steyn was one of the fiercest bat vs ball rivalry once and the later reserved some of his best spells playing against India but the master blaster was courteous enough to respect what his opponent stood for. 

He posted a picture of Steyn in his delivery stride, over the social media network Twitter and captioned it, "A very happy birthday to you @DaleSteyn62. Wish you good health and happiness"

The sign of this fond feeling being mutual came later, when Steyn only replied to Sachin's birthday wish by quote tweeting the great man's tweet with, "How cool! The little master himself ????
Great to hear from you, thank you for the
well wishes ????????????????????????"

Our sport is a mutual admiration society and this exemplifies it beautifully.  


By Kashish Chadha - 28 Jun, 2018

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