UAE's 1996 World Cup star Saleem Raza in dire straits currently

Saleem, who played 6 ODIs, is currently going through various health and financial issues.

Saleem Raza was a star for UAE in the 1996 Cricket World Cup.(ICC)

After tasting the highest of highs in the early part of his career by featuring in UAE's first appearance in the Cricket World Cup of 1996, Saleem Raza now finds himself in dire straits with problems in his personal and professional life. 

The all-rounder who got famous for hitting six 6s against Netherlands, is now living without a job with a large family to support and has various health issues. 

Raza will turn 54 next month and his eyesight is slowly failing him. He is also a diabetic. Raza finds himself in a heart-wrenching situation, where he has to take care of four small daughters, six sisters, of which two are widowed. They have nine children and Raza is the sole breadwinner for his family.

It is sad how life has turned out to be for Raza. He was brilliant for UAE in their first ever major global event and played 6 ODIs in total after making his debut against India in 1994. Raza also played domestically in Pakistan before making a move to UAE in 1986. 

While playing amateurishly for UAE, Raza worked with GAMCO, ADAT and Etihad Airways from 1990 before leaving for Pakistan last year.

He was recently quoted saying to Khaleej Times as, "Abdul Rahman Bukhatir and UAE captain Sultan Zarawani helped me a lot in my career. Now, I'm in Pakistan and I don't have any work. My eyes are not working properly and I am diabetic patient. I have a big family to take care of and I'm the only person who is supporting them," 

By Kashish Chadha - 24 Jun, 2018

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