Bowlers will pick a specific format due to overburden, says James Pattinson

Hectic upcoming schedule will force bowlers to play in only one format, says Pattinson.

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James Pattinson believes the future of fast bowlers will be restricted to one or two formats as constant cricket is taking a toll on the bowlers. The Victorian speedster reckons that the bowlers will be confined to a single format in the coming future.

The fast bowler had an impressive stint with Victoria in the Sheffield Shield and Nottinghamshire in the County Championship previous year, but Australia's Test series against Bangladesh proved to be troublesome for the  28-year old cricketer. He feels bowlers will pick a specific format due to workload.

"I think I pretty much got it right last time, I probably just bowled for a bit too long," he said. "I got through a year and then with the Bangladesh series (approaching), I was straight back into bowling.

"It's just about being smart about when there's opportunities to have a bit of a rest – feet up and go again, rather than just trying to go all year round.

"You see our three quicks who have had a pretty big summer and they've succumbed to that, so it's really hard."

"I think we'll see the game move now where you're going to have (bowlers picking formats)," he continued.

"England do it well with their bowlers, they've got specialist one-day players, and you see Stuart Broad and Jimmy Anderson just playing Test cricket, and that seems to do quite well for them.

"I think with the amount of cricket you've got now, with all three formats … you'll probably see bowlers will probably stick to the one format, or not as much one-day stuff."

"I never doubt my ability in getting back there – obviously it's just the history with injuries," he said. "That's the thing, whether I can get back. It's pretty hard, Test cricket bowling.

"Whether my body allows me, I will be doing everything I possibly can to get back there." Pattinson concluded.

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By Kunal Kataria - 23 Jun, 2018

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