Brendon McCullum speaks about his 'failed' drug test in IPL 2016

Brendon McCullum shares one incident about failing a drug test.

Brendon McCullum | Source AFP

Former New Zealand captain, Brendon McCullum recalls an incident from IPL 2016 about a positive drug test he faced while playing for Gujarat Lions. Due to over pollution in Delhi, McCullum had to take medication for his asthma.

The 36-year old cricketer took more than the regular dose and as a result of it, his urine sample was found to have more than the required salbutamol. McCullum's asthma medication resulted in a positive drug test. 

"There was a bit of a process to go through to make sure they had all the information and ticked off the areas they wanted to see, but we went through it all and [the BCCI] were actually pretty good to work with, in the end," McCullum quoted 

Playing against Delhi Daredevils, McCullum scored a rapid 36-ball 60 with Dwayne Smith playing his role from the other end. The issue of doping test was resolved in January 2017 with McCullum's doctor taking his care to and his legal team preparing the defence.

"I certainly don't see it as a failed drug test. It was just a case of we just need to seek clarification and apply for this. I have no ill-feeling about [the process] and I also have no guilt or remorse about it because I needed a puff of my inhaler at that time," McCullum added.

I've heard this sort of rumbling around in the background for a while and I actually said to my wife, 'I don't know why we don't just deal with this now, I've got nothing to hide and it is better off just talking about stuff rather than having other people talking about it'. Otherwise, it just grows and festers.

"As far as I am concerned it was just a matter of making sure we got everything signed off properly, rather than it being a failed drug test," McCullum concluded.

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By Kunal Kataria - 22 Jun, 2018

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