SCO v ENG 2018: Sachin Tendulkar wants more opportunities for Scotland after their win over England

Scotland pullled off a fantastic win over England by 6 runs.

Scotland pulled off a magnificent win over England. (Getty)

The great Sachin Tendulkar has stated that he wants more opportunities for ever growing emerging nations in our sport. The former Indian player is delighted by last night's historic win by Scotland over England in Edinburgh and wants this to be the cornerstone of a better cricket future for the associates. 

The highest run-getter in the history of the game, has always come across as someone who is very understanding of the hardwork that such cricket nations make on and off the field to make ends meet in a sport which is less democratic and is definitely not global. He got the chance, because of an admirable Scotland performance over England, to express his emotion for such teams. 

Scotland, who were getting a rare opportunity to play a full member like England, went on to play the most spirited game and pulled off a historic win over their European rivals by just 6 runs. 

Sachin took to the social media network Twitter to congratulate the Scotland team and also made a very important point. He tweeted, "Cricket has all the ingredients to become a global game. Teams with massive potential like, Afghanistan, Ireland, Scotland along with many others have to be given more opportunities to play against the more experienced teams. Best way to provide great exposure. #SCOvENG


By Kashish Chadha - 11 Jun, 2018

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