Yuvraj Singh spents a beautiful evening with cancer affected children

Yuvraj Singh survived Cancer and was recovered in 2012.

Yuvraj Singh spending an evening with Cancer children | Source PTI

  Yuvraj Singh has added life onto the children who are fighting with cancer by giving them a surprise visit recently. Yuvraj Singh and Nickelodeon presented the Prince of Magic 'Rudra -Boom Chik Chik Boom'. The foundation was support by Yuvraj Singh at a screening with their 5th made-in-India magic toons to the children.

Yuvraj Singh added a little bit of magic in the lives to make their evening a delightful one. The kids at the centre saw the first episode of Rudra while enjoying an eventful with playing lots of games. Rudra is the story of a nine-year-old boy who learns magic. 

Yuvraj Singh, the cancer survivor had a lot to say about the event, “Kids always need a little bit of magic and fun in their lives. It was indeed a delight to watch the kids enjoy themselves so much. Rudra truly felt magical, the entire evening was filled with so much laughter and joy. I’m sure just like today Rudra will definitely succeed in adding magic to the life of children across the country.” The cricketer supports cancer awareness programmes and is involved in helping people undergoing treatment for cancer. 


By Kunal Kataria - 08 Jun, 2018

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