Ehsan Mani hits out at ICC's hypocrisy

Total of 14 teams featured in the last two World Cups.

ICC has taken a hypocritical decision to reduce teams for World cup 2019 | Getty Images

Former President of the International Cricket Council (ICC), Ehsan Mani, lashed out at Cricket Australia (CA) who played a key role in curtailing the teams for the upcoming World Cup 2019 from 14 to 10, saying the ICC has taken the “disgraceful decision” towards the game and its fan.

He is also highly disappointed with the ICC as the sport’s governing body even didn’t think necessary to relook before taking the “hypocritical” decision. Ehsan also said India and England are equally responsible in ICC’s decision to reduce the number of teams for the next World Cup 2019.

Mani told Cricbuzz, “It was done for financial reasons and it stems back to when India got knocked out early at the 2007 World Cup and broadcasters wanted more Indian matches. It is a hypocritical decision and it's not acting in the best interests of the game. The World Cup should be a celebration of the sport and it is a disgraceful decision. It is very disappointing that the ICC didn't revisit the decision.

Former ICC chief further added, “Every board is self-serving but the world is changing quickly and the boards need to wake up to this. Do they just want to take a short-term view and squeeze all the money out? There is a lack of vision for the game because giving Associates nations a chance will improve their development and, in turn, make the game stronger.”

Since the controversial decision was made three years ago, many Associates nations have been raised their voice against it and Mani is just hoping that their sentiments reach the ICC.

He signed off by saying, “A lot of the right noises are being made but I just hope the voice of the Associates is heard at the ICC board level. Australia, England and India, in particular, have a huge responsibility to promote the game.”


By Rashmi Nanda - 07 Jun, 2018

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