Al Jazeera refuses to meet ICC over spot-fixing investigation

The documentary, Cricket's Match-Fixers stunned the cricket world.

ICC urged Al Jazeera to release proof relating to the match-fixing scandal | Getty Images

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has publicly asked the Doha-based television network, Al Jazeera, to release 'all the details' relating to the match-fixing scandal in Sri Lanka and England, but they refused to meet the Sport’s Governing body in any condition at the moment.

Al Jazeera made it clear that the global broadcaster remains fully committed to exposing betting corruption and will co-operate completely with the relevant authorities, but only when the right time comes, and they are currently in no mood to meet the ICC.

According to a report in Sportstar, a spokesman for Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit said “the broadcaster had to take into account ongoing legal considerations, including potential criminal investigations into the match-fixing allegations in Sri Lanka and India. That being the case, a meeting with the ICC would be premature at this stage.”

Meanwhile, the ICC CEO, Dave Richardson on Friday asked the news channel to release the evidences in a bid to cooperate with the investigation concerning the fixing allegations, as the channel claimed that they have complete evidence regarding the same.

The spokesperson signed off by saying, “It should also be borne in mind that in certain respects the broadcast puts the ICC itself under the spotlight, although we are confident that this will not ultimately be a bar to cooperation in due course.”

Even, the television network also claimed that two Australians and three Englishmen were involved in spot-fixing in India during Test series in 2016-17.



By Rashmi Nanda - 02 Jun, 2018

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