Virat Kohli reveals his fitness levels in a rapid fire Q and A

Virat Kohli is a fitness freak who loves working out.

            Virat Kohli is one of the most fittest cricketers in the world | AFP Virat Kohli has become the synonym for fitness in the Indian cricket world. He has made it a mission to not only keep himself fit, but also make every cricketer fit in India. He even wants every child in India to be fit and has endorsed a movement that focuses on encouraging youngsters to get out more and play.

Kohli has even set a specific fitness benchmark for aspiring cricketers who are looking to make it in the national team. Even his teammates have to adhere to the strict fitness guidelines and this has helped Indian team became more fit and agile, hence the results.

In a rapid-fire Q and A with ET NOW, Virat Kohli shared hit fitness levels with all.

Here is the rapid-fire Q and A round with the 29-year-old Indian captain:

ET NOW: Are you the fittest you have ever been in your life?
Kohli: At this moment...yeah.

ET NOW: Who did you look up to for fitness?
Kohli: No one actually. I have just understood this all by myself

ET NOW: What is the longest you have ever run in your life?
Kohli: 20 minutes at the speed of 14 kilometers per hour

ET NOW: What is the heaviest you have lifted in weights?
Kohli: Deadlift of 145 kg

ET NOW: If you ever feel like munching what will you have?
Kohli: 'Too yum!' multigrain chips?

Currently the Indian captain is recuperating froma neck injury which caused him to miss out on a county stint.

A Times of India report revealed that Kohli practiced at BKC complex on Wednesday and then at Western Railways Ground on Thursday along with Sanjay Bangar. He will undergo a fitness test on June 15 ahead of the tour. 

Here is the video of the Q and A:

Rapid Fire Round With Virat Kohli!

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By Jatin Sharma - 02 Jun, 2018

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