Expect Steve Smith to bounce back really strong, says Graeme Smith

Graeme Smith feels that T20 should be limited to domestic leagues across countries.

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He may be down right now but the best know how to recover. Steve Smith, who is currently serving a year ban by Cricket Australia for his inclusion in the recently outraged Ball-Tampering incident in South Africa, has found support from a former cricketer in the form of Graeme Smith.

Graeme Smith, in an interview given to Cricket Next, was heard saying, "The Australia team got into that mindset of winning at all costs and the way they play the game, I would love to interview him (Steve) and ask him if that's something he wishes he had sort of changed a little bit as the leader in terms of the culture, how they play, the win at all cost mindset. And how he's reviewed that now after the situation. That will be an interesting interview."

Steve who has also been banned from captaining his country for two years, will be coming back to competitive cricket when he plays in the Global T20 Canada league.

Graeme further added, "Playing at the top level is competitive, you want to win, He's still a young man, we have all made mistakes. I expect him to bounce back and come back really strong. Mentally he would have grown a lot from this situation."

Graeme who is currently working as a commentator also talked about various issues that are important to international cricket right now.

He started with the balls. By saying, "The ball is a big issue. The Kookaburra ball, in particular, has stopped swinging and bowlers are desperate to get some sort of movement, Reverse swing has become such a key. What happened in Cape Town was pretty shocking. I've never seen an actual foreign object being brought out on the field. It was madness. I think the ICC needs to review that. Whether applying sweetened saliva or using a fingernail... I don't have a problem with that actually, but I wouldn't allow foreign objects on the field."

He also has an opinion of wider implication on the game, "I am a big believer that T20 cricket shouldn't be played at international level. Maybe have a World Cup every couple of years but it should be largely a domestic-based format, Test cricket needs some context, how they get there I don't know. They need to invest in marketing that game a little bit better. So much money nowadays go into marketing the T20 game and rightly so because it's an amazing concept"

"The ICC needs to sit down and work on a way forward for cricket. Maybe there should be six months a year that's just domestic T20 cricket and six months is international cricket. These things need to be debated because I don't think in the current system everything can survive."

By Kashish Chadha - 30 May, 2018

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