No nation exempt from spot-fixing, reckons Adam Gilchrist

"There is every chance that fixing still going on around the cricketing world" - says Gilchrist.

Al Jazzera has accused Australian and England players for their involvement in spot-foxing | AFP

A documentary sting operation conducted by Doha based channel TV – Al Jazeera – has shocked the cricketing fraternity on Sunday (May 27). The sting brought three of India’s Test matches came under the fixing scanner, involving Australia, England and Sri Lanka.

The three Test matches which are in question are – India versus Sri Lanka (Galle, July 26-29, 2017), India versus Australia (Ranchi, March 16-20, 2017) and India versus England (Chennai, December 16-20, 2016). India had won the Tests against Sri Lanka and England, while the one against Australia was drawn.

The charges made are that the pitch could have been doctored at the order of fixers (India vs Sri Lanka) whereas the involvement of some Australian and England players have surfaced in spot-fixing from the other two games.

Reacting on this heated issue, legendary Australia cricketer Adam Gilchrist has said that "no nation is immune" to spot-fixing.

"No body, no nation, no team is immune to [spot-fixing] and there's every chance it's still going on around the cricketing world," Gilchrist said on Back Page Live on Tuesday night.

"So Australia, or England, or whoever they're accusing - there's a chance it could be going on, but if you're that certain, then name them," he added.

As per Al Jazeera’s allegations, Australian batsmen played at a pace specified by the bookies. The names of the involved cricketers were edited in the documentary. However, Al Jazeera had said it would pass on the details to the relevant authorities.

Gilly though defended the Australian and English cricketers, saying that they already fetch handsome contracts from their respective boards.

"I refuse to believe - and I'd be disappointed if I was proved otherwise - but England and Australian cricketers are getting paid so much. Unless these bookies have got a hook in these guys and they've got something over them from some other part in their life that they don't want exposed, I can't imagine why they would want to go and do it," Gilchrist concluded.

By Salman Anjum - 30 May, 2018

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