IPL 2018: Ian Chappell credits IPL for raising the standards of Indian cricket and producing young talents

Chappell also said that IPL experience has given Indian team the edge over England in upcoming series.

IPL has made Indian cricket not only financially better, but has also raised the standards of cricket, said Chappell

Former Australia captain Ian Chappell has called the Indian Premier League the reason why Indian cricket is producing so many young talents.

He also said that IPL 11 was one of the most successful ones in recent history, as close finishes and scramble between teams to make it into the playoffs made for interesting viewing for the cricket fans.

He wrote in his column for ESPNCricinfo.com, “Players from all around the cricketing world are desperate to win a contract and become involved in what is widely considered the most glamorous and definitely the most rewarding of all the T20 leagues.”

Chappell further said that the IPL has not only benefitted Indian cricket financially but has also helped in raising the standards of the cricket, mostly in terms of fielding and conduct on the field.

He said, “Since the advent of the IPL, Indian national teams have been more confident and aggressive in their approach to the game, and nowhere does this better show up than in their fielding.

Ian Chappell praised the Indian Premier League

He said that the young players playing with international stars have its positive impact.

He said, “There's nothing like playing with and against international stars on a regular basis to help young players discover that despite their great skill, these lauded individuals are still vulnerable to a good delivery or capable of bowling the odd bad ball.

Chappell remarked, “India is now the envy of the cricket world when it comes to producing skillful young batsmen. It's going to be an interesting clash when they visit England later this year. While the tourists are spoilt for batting choices, the hosts are stumbling from one top-order collapse to another.

Chappell also commented on the upcoming India-England Test series.

He said, “The fragile England batting will be further tested by Kohli's captaincy, which is marked by a strong desire to seek victory from the outset. By constantly probing for a win, Kohli is also challenging his own players to produce their best in tight situations. The fact that the Indian players are now constantly facing tension-filled situations and dramatic close finishes in front of big crowds at IPL matches has helped to hasten this learning process in the international arena.

There's no doubt India can be thankful for the high-profile IPL and the positive influence it has had on the national team. This extremely successful venture could pay even bigger dividends in the UK,” Chappell signed off.

By Jatin Sharma - 27 May, 2018

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