Virat Kohli feels overjoyed to be appreciated for his fashion sense

"My sense of style and manner of dressing have evolved over the years" says Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli is idolized as a fashion icon in India nowadays | Instagram

As much as they play their cricket hard and tough on the field, Indian cricketers are known for their off-field fun and activities. Given the exuberance of youth and skipper Virat Kohli’s desire to be a fashion icon, there is a diverse change in the team atmosphere.

Tattoos, hair-styles and a certain style statement is an inner morale boost for the players to build their confidence both on and off the field.

In an e-mail interaction with IANS, Virat recently said he feels overjoyed to be appreciated for his fashion sense. The 29-year-old Indian captain further went on to say that he finds it fun to experiment with his style and looks every now and then.

"It sure feels good to know what you wear is well appreciated and liked by all. My sense of style and manner of dressing have evolved over the years. I know what kind of attire looks good on me, and I mainly work around that. It is fun to try out something different from time to time,” Kohli quoted.

"I often work closely with my stylist and share inputs while deciding my look," he further added.

Virat is widely deemed as one of the fittest cricketers in the world today. He has also led to a revolution in the Indian cricket dressing room, where fitness has become paramount and also the benchmark for young and aspiring cricketers.

Disciplined food choices are not the only thing that ensures Kohli’s unparalleled fitness. He is deeply committed to his exercise regimen, depending on his work schedule.

"Whether I am in the middle of a series or on a break, I maintain a disciplined regime. My level of fitness has a direct impact on my game; therefore I train hard and follow a strict diet," Virat asserted.

"While on break, I go to the gym five times a week, and clock in minimum two hours. Even if I am on tour, I still ensure that I exercise for an hour and a half. I do a combination of weights and cardio exercises, and rarely indulge in cheat days," he concluded.


By Salman Anjum - 16 May, 2018

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