ICC inconsistent with reporting bowling actions, feels Mohammad Hafeez

Hafeez has been consistently reported for an illegal action though.

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Mohammed Hafeez, the Pakistan batsman and off-spinner, has come out and expressed his view that International Cricket Council(ICC), the game's governing body, has issues regarding being consistent in the way they report illegal bowling actions in international cricket. 

Hafeez feels that there should be proper guidelines in place that helps in identifying bowlers with suspect actions.

He further went on to said to the BBC Urdu that, “There are so many things influencing all this [who gets called for suspect actions], it has a lot to do with the power of [some] boards and nobody wants to take them on,”  

“Mostly there are soft corners and relations between people which no one wants to spoil. What I say is why not implement the rule and get every bowler in the world to go through [testing]. What’s the difficulty in that?”

The international cricket council has a rule regarding the bowlers' actions where their bowling arm can't bend for more than 15 degrees. Hafeez has been the casualty of this strict rule and has been reported consistently. 

He further talked about the situation and said, “When match umpires called me (for a suspect bowling action), I went for my test only to find the flex was recorded up to 16, 17 and 18 degrees,” said Hafeez, who was reported for a suspect action last year"

“I was surprised: how can anyone with the naked eye see flex from 15 to 16, and at times they are not able to call those whose flex is 25 and even 30-plus, So I have my doubts about this calling system. This is suspicious, why are match referees or on-field umpires not able to see those flexing up to 35 but me with 16 degrees.”


By Kashish Chadha - 13 May, 2018

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