Wore a fake beard to watch Roja in 1994, says Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin dealt with public interrance in his personal life for so long in his career.

Sachin Tendulkar pic credit PTI

The great Sachin Tendulkar retired almost five years back and despite the world living in a fast lane, he is still the most popular name in the cricketing world. Much like he was for 25 years when he played for India. 

Being popular in a cricket crazy nation like ours means you having to go through a lot as a cricketer. One of the perks that comes with it is, the unfortunate and cringeworthy, public interference into the personal lives of these men.  

Sachin Tendulkar went through it for so, so long and did so very dignifiedly. Recently Sachin talked about one of the incidents, where he found dealing with this situation a bit tough, in the Gaurav Kapoor's popular chat show "Breakfast with Champions"

Talking to the host of the show, Gaurav Kapoor, Sachin Tendulkar said, "I think in 1994, we all decided to watch Roja. Anjali was there, her father was there and so were a couple of friends of mine. We went somewhere in Worli. I was wearing sunglasses and had a fake beard also I think"

"But in all the chaos in the theatre, my sunglasses fell off and one of the lense went missing. But even then I picked it up and wore the broken sunglass and kept my head down. But still somehow I got recognized and then we had to leave. Half-way through the film, we had to leave," 

It comes with the tag of being an Indian cricketer, where people want to know you more than what is a comfortable stage for the person but Tendulkar surely knew what to expect when he played. 

He retired from the game in November 2013, after being the sport's highest run-getter and the scorer of 100 hundreds for his country. 


By Kashish Chadha - 12 May, 2018

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