Sourav Ganguly in desperate need of "Chutti" amidst his busy schedule

Ganguly has been going through a very busy schedule off late.

Ganguly at a promotiaonal event in Kolkata. (Telegraph)

Life for Sourav Ganguly has become even busier since he has retired from international cricket. President of the CAB, member of the Cricket Advisory Committee and working very closely with BCCI, there is hardly any time for Sourav Ganguly to devote to himself and his family. 

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Sourav Ganguly said that he wants to go for a break for two-three months to come back rejuvenated and fresh. In this interview, he also shared couple of unknown anecdotes from his life. 

On being asked if he was a fussy eater, Ganguly said " No. I was a big eater. Baritey options chhilo nababa’r bokuni tey options chhilo na. I used to eat everything. My brother had problems eating, but not me. I used to eat huge portions — biryani, mangsho-bhaat. The only think I never liked was milk. Now I would tell the kids to eat everything. Make sure you have your proteins. And then just go and play."

On being asked to share some childhood memories, Dada said " I had 10 eggs once when I was young. It was a competition with my brothers. And they were not cooked eggs… my brothers challenged me that I couldn’t eat raw eggs. I fell sick after that but nobody scolded me. My father just said, don’t do this again."

Next asked if his daughter Sana is a fussy eater Ganguly said " When she was small, she was but now she isn’t. It depended on her mood. When Sana was growing up, my mother-in-law used to say if she doesn’t eat, she doesn’t eat. The moment she gets hungry she will eat but that was never the case. Dona (wife) used to force-feed her.

On being asked if he is following a strict diet similar to Tollywood superstar Prasenjit, Dada replied he is on a diet currently but loves eating biriyani every 15 days. 

He concluded by saying that he is travelling a lot due to his work and official commitments. Plus ad shoots and television commercials has packed up his schedule and private life. He, therefore, is in desperate need of a "Chutti" (holiday) so that he can come back fresh and recharged. 


By Anshuman Roy - 11 May, 2018

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