Younis Khan responds to a kid’s request for coaching tips with a video master class

Younis Khan retired from international cricket in 2017.

Younis Khan retired from international cricket after becoming the first Pakistani to score 10,000 runs in Test cricket | Twitter

Two years ago in 2016, then 10-year-old New Zealander Felix Anderson had written a fan letter to Pakistan’s legendary batsman Younis Khan, praising him for his excellent batting and beautiful slip catching skills.

The note got lost, but two years later, resurfaced this month and Younis Khan was quick to respond to the letter, so that Felix, who waited for two years for a response, doesn’t get disappointed.

Dear Mr. Khan,
My name is Felix. I'm ten years old and live in New Zealand. I'm writing to you because you are one of my biggest heroes. Your technique is beautiful to watch; how perfect your cover drive is; or how well your cut is timed. Your 313 against Sri Lanka was incredible to watch, it showed me how much I want to be a professional cricketer and bat 3rd. Also, this year against England your 218 was spectacular. You're an excellent slip fielder and a very reliable batsman. Can you please give me some advice on the cut shot, or the cover drive? Good luck in your upcoming matches and have a happy new year.
Kind regards,
Felix Anderson

Younis was the first Pakistani batsman to score 10,000 runs in Test cricket and ended up with 10099 runs in 118 Tests with 34 centuries and a best of 313 at an average of 52.05. He also made 7249 runs in 265 ODI matches with 7 centuries and a best of 144 with an average of 31.24.

Felix had also asked Younis tips on his cut or cover drive. And the former Pakistan skipper replied to him in a personalized video, which he then shared on social media. "As promised, here is the coaching tip manual on the cover drive and cut shot. I hope you enjoy this, practice it and improve your game. All the best Felix. Hope to see you playing for your country one day." he wrote.

Here is the video of Younis Khan’s batting masterclass for his young Kiwi fan:



By Jatin Sharma - 10 May, 2018

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