ICC T20I rankings see Afghanistan leave Sri Lanka behind to become 8th ranked team

India is on the 3rd spot in the ICC T20I rankings.

Pakistan consolidated its position at the top of T20I rankings

The International Cricket Council (ICC) recently released its latest T20I rankings after the annual update that saw Sri Lanka drop to the ninth place in the rankings and Afghanistan usurping the eight spot.

The latest T20I rankings didn’t see any change in the first seven spots. Pakistan (130) and Australia (126) remain in the first two positions without a change in their points total. India, on the other hand, gained two points to reach 123, though they remain at third place.

South Africa (114) and the Windies (114) both gain three points with the former ahead on decimals in sixth position. Sri Lanka (85, ninth position) lose four points, Zimbabwe (58, 12th) lose three points, the Netherlands (53, 13th) gain four points, Hong Kong (42, 15th) lose four points and Ireland (33, 17th) lose three points.

Here is the latest ICC T20I rankings:


By Jatin Sharma - 02 May, 2018

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