PCB Chief Najam Sethi dismisses Hasan Ali's antics at the Wagah border

Hasan Ali performed his wicket taking celebration at the Wagah border.

HAsan Ali doing his epic celebration at the Wagah border. (AFP)

PCB Chief Najam Sethi has dismissed any concerns regarding cricketer Hasan Ali's antics at the Wagah border. The Pakistan cricket team had recently visited the border to witness the traditional flag lowering ceremony, where border forces of both the nations participate and put up a show together for the visitors of India and Pakistan.  However, a video with Hasan Ali doing his wicket-taking celebration in front of the security guards surfaced in the internet and in no time became viral. 

in the quarterly meeting of ICC on Thursday, chairman Najam Sethi shrugged the incident off and refused to attach much significance to it. He passed it as something that every fast bowler does whenever they visit the border – to show off their signature style of celebration.

“Cricket teams always go to the Wagah Border. Fast bowlers do what they do. I do not attribute any importance to it,” Sethi said on the sidelines.

Clearly, Sethi wanted to steer clear of the conversation and he did so to avoid the “politics”. “I do not want to discuss, otherwise you will bring politics into it,” the chairman said.

As per Sethi, PCB continues to stand their ground in the matter. The rest is in the hand of the committee panel to come to a decision.

“We say it’s a binding contract, let them decide whether it’s a contract or not. We have challenged it. This question will be decided by the dispute resolution committee of the ICC. We will wait for the dispute resolution,” he said to the reporters.


By Anshuman Roy - 26 Apr, 2018

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