Will cost BCCI $30 Million, if a WT20 takes place in 2021 asks, Anirudh Chaudhary

The BCCI treasurer is critical of the way ICC is going Anti-BCCI.

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BCCI treasurer Anirudh Chaudhry has come out and said that if the ICC's wish to have a World T20 instead of a Champions Trophy tournament in 2021 transpires, it will cost the Board of Control of Cricket in India around $30 Million being the announced home board for the ICC marquee event that year. 

Anirudh was quoted saying on CricketNext as, “The BCCI in its General Body meeting held in December 2017 had given an in-principle approval to the FTP that had been presented to it. India was to host the Champions Trophy in 2021 and the Cricket World Cup in 2023. It is now learnt that there is a proposal to replace the Champions Trophy tournament scheduled in 2021 by a World T20 event"

"This would cause a loss of about 30 million USD to the BCCI and its stakeholders. Knowing the mood of the member organizations of the BCCI, in all likelihood, this would be unacceptable to the BCCI’s General Body who had earlier resolved that the Member Participation Agreement with the ICC would not be executed without the approval of the General Body. Having worked with Shashank Manohar, one realises that he does miss out on briefing the house on crucial information that has potentially significant ramifications for the organisation concerned and therefore it is important for the ICC Board to understand the correct picture vis-à-vis the BCCI."

The treasurer further added, “The BCCI has repeatedly been asked to make sacrifices, apparently for the greater good. The BCCI has made those sacrifices in the recent past. However, this practice of asking the BCCI alone to make all the sacrifices in order to benefit the others doesn’t seem to be going away. This utilitarian argument of the greater good is usually used to trample upon the rights and opportunities of a section that is excluded from that greater good. It appears that the morality of the ICC excludes India’s interests but includes India’s money. It also appears that the true intent and the optics of the intent also differ greatly,” 

“How can we, the BCCI, devalue the life of a child playing cricket in a remote district in India in order to add value to a life of someone playing cricket in Ireland or Pakistan. All life is valuable and as BCCI it is our duty to do the best we can for those who play the game within our area of operation.”


By Kashish Chadha - 25 Apr, 2018

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