Off-spinners also bowling the leg-break is an advantage says, Sachin Tendulkar

Ravichandran Ashwin must be happy hearing this from Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar pic credit PTI

The great Sachin Tendulkar has come up with a view where he believes that off-spinners who could also bowl the variation of leg-spin effectively are a real advantage to the bowling side and its captain. He thinks its an asset and should be considered a strength of a bowler to be flexible.

Tendulkar said, "I feel it can only help. It's like you know two to three different languages. Now there is no harm in knowing five or six different languages. It can't take away anything from you,"

"It's exactly the same when one develops more variation. So it's wrong to say that they (finger spinners) are joining a bandwagon now that they are bowling leg spin. No, they aren't. Rather, we should see that they have put in an effort to develop a delivery,"  

Tendulkar reiterated that in no way an effort made towards adding a different dimension to one's game, and bowler's trying to give themselves an extra option, is futile. 

"I think it's wrong thinking of people (that off-spinners can't bowl leg-breaks). I am not blaming the player here. I am blaming the people (perception) here. Leg-break could be just another weapon in your armoury. People can bowl off-spin but along with that off-spin, if they are capable of bowling leg-spin as a variation, then why not," 

Sachin also said, "If doosra bowled by an off-spinner is seen as a weapon, then him bowling a leg-break if situation demands, shouldn't be considered his weakness. Rather, it should be considered his strength, when he gets it right."

"I can talk about myself. In matches, I used to bowl off-spin to left-handers and leg-breaks to right-handers. If you are able to do it, then why not."


By Kashish Chadha - 24 Apr, 2018

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