Pakistani pacer Hasan Ali called a 'cartoon character' after his antics at the Wagah Border

Hasan Ali made provocative gestures towards BSF and Indian audience during the ceremony.

Hasan Ali doing his antics at the Wagah Border

Hasan Ali, Pakistan’s ace pacer came under fire from Twitterati after he mocked the Border Security Force and the Indian contingent at the Wagah Border, by breaking protocol and posing at the border during the flag lowering ceremony on Saturday.

Hasan Ali entered the drill and performed his signature wicket-taking gesture towards the Indian armed force.

In a video that has gone viral, he was seen being escorted back by a man in civilian clothes as he received loud applause from the Pakistani audience. Before that, Ali was seen performing his popular wicket taking the celebration of patting his thigh, raising arms like Rangers, during the ceremony.

However, the act didn’t go down well with the Indian Border Security Force and they lodged a formal protest with the Pakistani Rangers.

"The act has hit the sanctity of the parade. We will lodge a protest with Pakistan Rangers. Anyone can make any aggressive gesture in the viewer's gallery on both sides but no public person can interfere in the parade. Before or after the parade, the people are free to do such things, but not in the middle of the parade," BSF Inspector General (Punjab Frontier) Mukul Goel was quoted as saying by The Indian Express.

Better, Hasan Ali’s antics led him to be mocked on Twitter and was even called a cartoon character.

Another user on Twitter wrote, "Give this jerk some money and bring him as a cheerleader in the IPL. He will earn some money with his talent. Did I just see a "chuha" in this Wagah border ceremony?"

After his antics, Ali took to twitter saying, "Always stay high like a moon mera Pakistan."


By Jatin Sharma - 23 Apr, 2018

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