Tim Paine promises a different cricket culture for Australia post ball tampering saga

Paine led Australia in the Johannesburg Test.

Tim Paine will replace Smith as Australia's next Test captain. (Getty)

New Australian Test skipper Tim Paine has promised that Australia will refrain from sledging from their next Test series as they are looking to build a new culture in the team, that which plays the game hard and fair. 

With six months until their next Test series, Paine says his players have time to get away from the team environment and think more about how they want to play the game.

"We'll have a new coach going forward, we're going to have some time off where guys can take stock and think about the way they want to play," he said.

"But certainly, playing international cricket you've got to be as competitive as you can be. But we've got to look at different ways of doing that and more respectful ways of putting opposition teams under the pump.

"Part of what we spoke about a lot is playing on skill, not emotion. I think in the last couple of years at times we've been a touch too emotional and got carried away on that side of the game. That's a small thing we can improve on."

Paine's first Test as captain, in Johannesburg last month, was notable for the lack of on-field chatter from an Australian side chastened and exhausted from the fallout of the tampering saga.

A relatively new face in the side having only returned to the national set-up in November after a long absence, Paine conceded players had been guilty in the past of not controlling their emotions.

Paine concluded by saying that though he is taking up the mantle of captaincy from Smith's shoulders he will fall back upon him in times of need. 

"I'm really looking forward to playing that role and winning back the trust and respect of our fans and the Australian public first and foremost. That's a really exciting thing for our playing group.

"(Smith) is someone I'll certainly be speaking too quite closely about how we go about it and keeping him in the loop. Because we'd started to have these discussions a few months ago and Steve was keen for the team to start playing a different style. So for me it's about carrying that on" said Paine.


By Anshuman Roy - 19 Apr, 2018

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