"Kohli is more of a match-winner than Tendulkar," says Ian Chappell

Ian also backs Virat Kohli to do well in England this time.

Kohli has taken the mantle of Indian batting since Sachin's retirement. (AFP)

Ian Chappell, the former Australian captain, has come out with an opinion stating Virat Kohli as the bigger match winner than Sachin Tendulkar for India. Ian is one of the most sought-after cricket experts and is working as a commentator and column writer for various platforms these days.

In a recent interview, he gave to India Today. Ian talked about how he thinks, "Kohli is more of a match-winner than Tendulkar" 

Comparison of great batsmen in different eras is not uncommon and is prevalent for decades. Even when the young Sachin Tendulkar arrived on the scenes, there were instant comparisons with Sunil Gavaskar. And so, Virat getting compared to the great Sachin Tendulkar is not something that should surprise people. Besides, Kohli has been magnificent for India over the last decade. 

Ian in his interview when asked who is the bigger match-winner said, "I think he(Virat) is more of a match-winner than Tendulkar. But it's a tough definition of someone who isn't a match-winner. The best example is that of Brian Lara who got 600 runs in a Test series against Sri Lanka but they still lost 3-0. So you can be a good batsman but your team may lose because your bowlers don't bowl well. Kohli has probably a more rounded bowling attack than Tendulkar had"

He further added, "Both are damn fine players. All you know about comparisons is a champion player in one era would be a champion player in another era. So if Tendulkar was starting out now he would be a champion again"

Ian also answered the questions regarding Virat Kohli's struggles in England, where he averages 13.4 in Test Cricket, and how the likely county stint before the tour this year would help him but it would still be a stiff challenge. He said, "I am sure he would want to avenge the last England tour. That sort of motivation brings out the best out of a player like Virat Kohli" 

"It will be a hell of a challenge. There is probably no better bowler than Anderson in English conditions. I haven't seen a swing bowler swing the ball both ways through such a long career." 

"But he(Kohli) appears someone who likes a challenge and with the challenge to avenge the last tour, he will play a lot better."


By Kashish Chadha - 14 Apr, 2018

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