Asia Cup 2018 and Emerging Nations venues announced by Asian Cricket Council, according to reports

Asia Cup was supposed to be hosted by India and Emerging Nations cup by Pakistan.

India had won the 20 over Asia Cup in 2016

As per reports, the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) AGM finally came to a decision with respect to the venues of the Asia Cup 2018 and the Emerging Nations Cup, something that was marred by the tensions between India and Pakistan.

India was supposed to host the 50 over Asia Cup in September but hadn’t received any communication from the Indian government about the participation of the Pakistani team. India and Pakistan have not played any bilateral series since 2013 due to rising diplomatic tensions between the two nations.

Now reportedly, ACC has announced that the Asia Cup will be hosted by the UAE in September of 2018; while the Emerging Nations cup will be played in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. This is done due to the possibility of Indian team not touring Pakistan for the Emerging nations cup and Pakistani team threatening to not come to India for the Asia Cup.

Though, Pakistan visited India for the World T20 in 2016, the hostility between the two countries have reached to such a point; that Pakistan officials weren’t given a visa for the ICC meeting on April 22 until the last possible minute.

Pakistani players are not seen in the Indian Premier League thanks to the 26/11/2008 terrorist attacks by Pakistani militants.


By Jatin Sharma - 10 Apr, 2018

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