Cricket Australia to do a players' review after the ball-tampering incident

The administrative heads want to conduct the player's review to help with cricketing culture.

Cricket Australia chairman doesn't think his and the CEO's job should be in scrutiny.

With the whole ball tampering incident, it is the role that Cricket Australia could've played pre-incident that has gone unnoticed and people have underestimated the role a cricket board can play in ensuring a sound moral base for its players. Eyes should've also been the administrators that have the responsibility to contribute to Australia's behind the scenes team. Cricket Australia, though, has announced a player's review in the country and thinks there is no reason for the heads of the board to leave their jobs, stating, it is “not the time for a witch-hunt”

The chairman David Peever has said he has no reason to step down from his job and that chief executive James Sutherland’s job was not under scrutiny. Peever started with, “James Sutherland’s position is not under review, he continues to retain the full support of the board,”

“In respect of my own position, no, I do not intend to step down, and that hasn’t been suggested by the board. Our task now is to work through this problem and make sure we come through and cricket comes through it much more strongly.I think we will all come under the microscope about what is happening in the organisation. But this is not the time for a witch-hunt.” he further added in the Cricket Australia official statement. 

Peever said the governing body was is trying to move forward with an independent review announced last week and look into the wider issues like the cultural review Australian Cricket may need. 

Peever has also got on board the ex-Test opener Rick McCosker to help in correcting the  “standards of behaviour and expectations of Australian teams, It is anticipated that this process will include assessments as to whether changes to codes and standards governing player conduct are required,” 

All three players have seen their sponsors turning the back on them after the incident, while Magallan has backed off from being the Cricket Australia title sponsor. 

By Kashish Chadha - 06 Apr, 2018

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