David Warner deserves tough criticism, says Michael Vaughan

Cricket Australia creating "bulls" who has now haunted them, says Michael Vaughan.

David Warner broke down at press conference in Sydney after the ball-tampering controversy | Getty Images

The former England captain and renowned Cricket Commentator Michael Vaughan is not surprised with the way the tainted Australian opener David Warner has been receiving heavy criticism from fans, and players across the world after his suspension over the ball-tampering controversy in South Africa.

Cricket Australia (CA) banned Warner for 12 months after he was found as the mastermind of the plot to temper the ball in Cape Town, which has rocked the sport in the country.

Vaughan further said that Warner deserves this tough criticism, as he has misbehaved with almost every team in world cricket for many years with his infamous sledging.

The Englishman believes that the lack of sympathy for Warner after a tearful press conference following his participation in the ball-tampering controversy shows his lack of friends in the game.

He also claimed that the explosive Aussie opener has abused every team and players except Indian only because it might have potentially affected his IPL contract.

Vaughan told BBC Radio 5Live on Monday (2 April), “It's not been surprising to me that the whole world have piled in because, particularly David Warner, he has said quite a few things to a number of teams and a number of individuals.”

He continued, “I think Nasser Hussain summed it up on television when he said he seemed to have abused every team other than the Indians, which potentially might have affected his IPL contract. That's been the reason why so many people have said 'right, this is our time, we're going to have a few words against the team and particularly David Warner'. He hasn't got too many pals around the world in terms of what he's done to them for the last few years.”

Former England skipper also criticized CA for creating “the bull” which has now haunted them, as well as, blamed the board for Warner’s conduct and its players’ notorious sledging on the field.

He explained, “I think he's a wonderful player but some of the ways that he's been around the team are down to Cricket Australia because they have unleashed him, they've told him to go out and be that person.  So they can't turn around and say 'we've got this character that we don't want around anymore' - (because) they created that character. You feel CA wanted to stamp down, they've also got to look at themselves. They unleashed the bull and the bull has come back to haunt them.”

Vaughan signed off by saying, “Cricket Australia has to look at themselves. This David Warner character, I don't like the way he acts, I don't like the way he plays, I don't like what I hear he says to the opposition players. He gets personal. Over two or three years CA said 'go and be the bull, not the reverend'. They created this character, now they're throwing him out as the scapegoat.”





By Rashmi Nanda - 05 Apr, 2018

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