Shikhar Dhawan says he wants Virat Kohli like consistency in his game

Dhawan will be seen in action for Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL 2018.

 Shikhar Dhawan with Virat Kohli | GETTY

BCCI has given a hike to the Indian cricketers and Shikhar Dhawan has got a huge raise of 1300%. He is the only India cricketer to get this much hike in his salary. Dhawan talked about the raise in an interview with NDTV.

Dhawan thinks his recent performance has brought him a promotion in the salary category from C to A+. "I did really well last season. I have been doing well for the Indian Team and playing all the three formats. That was the reason why BCCI promoted me from C to A+. I wasn't thinking about how much I would get but was very happy when it came by way and thanked God as well," said Shikhar to Rica Roy, NDTV reporter. 

Talking about Virat Kohli's prime run in cricket, Dhawan says he wants the same consistency. "Every individual is different. He is amazing, a player of different class. Of course, I look up to him for the way he has performed and the consistency with which he has delivered. I would like to have the same kind of consistency. In our line of work, consistency is very important. I am very happy where I am, with time if I grow, I will enjoy that too," he said.

On his bonding with Kohli, Dhawan believes coming from the same state and playing together for a long time made it unbreakable. 

"We come from the same state, have been playing together for a very long time, we know each other in and out. We know how our minds work. He is a good friend of mine and at the same time he is a great player. Everything goes hand in hand. It is a perfect situation for us," Dhawan said, who has scored 4361 runs in 102 ODIs.

Dhawan has been playing his top cricket in last few T20I series. The 32-year-old, when asked about any innovation in his batting, said he likes to keep growing and if needed he can improvise new shots in IPL."I have been playing well with a high strike rate. I was in Sri Lanka lately for Nidahas Trophy and we won that one. I like to keep growing. Along the way if I need to change something and adopt, I will use it," he said. 

He also commented on India's tour of South Africa. India secured the limited over series but once again failed to do well in Test series in overseas condition.

It is said that India arrived late in the rainbow nation which caused a big dent in their preparation. "We played a very good cricket in South Africa. We were happy with the results. At the end of it, we won the ODI and the T20 series which no other Indian team has ever done and we are very proud of it as an unit," the southpaw said. 

India will be touring England later this year and Dhawan thinks BCCI will take a decision on an early visit to the country.

"We have a very busy season ahead in which we have to play the IPL and then a Test match against Afghanistan. So, BCCI has to take a call on that. The team management has already spoken to the BCCI about this. I am sure the BCCI will take a decision for us to be better prepared for the series versus England," Dhawan added.


By Sihyeu Singh - 24 Mar, 2018

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