MS Dhoni's brand SEVEN joins hands with Yorkshire-based cricket shoe brand Payntr

The joint venture is expected to be worth a minimum of £30m over five years.

MS Dhoni | Youtube

Payntr, the West Yorkshire-based cricket shoe brand launched over a year ago, has entered in a joint venture with SEVEN by Indian cricketer MS Dhoni which is expected to be worth a minimum of £30m over five years.

Payntr by SEVEN is planned to be introduced into the Asian market later this year and is supposed to have more than eight variations of colours and trims, including camouflage.

David Paynter, who is behind Payntr, said: “Almost as soon as we launched onto the market, we were overwhelmed by the tremendous interest from some of the world’s top international cricketers. Everybody wanted to try them and within weeks we were seeing the Payntr shoes on the global sports stage. 

“It wasn’t long before we were in talks with SEVEN by MS Dhoni and after discussions and due diligence, we are absolutely delighted to announce the deal is complete.”

Dhoni was seen wearing Payntr's shoes many times. 

Speaking from SEVEN's side, which was launched by RS Seven Lifestyle, Arun Pandey said,  “Cricket has been the core of our inception, especially with MS Dhoni’s contribution to our brand. 

“I am sure that this joint venture will help us reach our vision: making cricket accessible to everyone in the world.” 

RS Seven lifestyle is owned by the Rhiti Group. Pandey is chairman of the group, who is also a close friend and business partner of Dhoni. 


By Sihyeu Singh - 14 Mar, 2018

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